This Free Movie Download Application on Android Phones 2019

This Free Movie Download Application on Android Phones 2019

You who love watching movies will definitely be helped by this free movie download application on this Android phone. Because, these applications allow you to watch your favorite movies as much as you like without the need to go to a movie that takes time.

The following is a free movie download application on an Android phone that you can download at Playstore:

Glass Screen 21

This application is rated as an application for downloading the best movies, because it is almost without weaknesses. Screen Glass 21 has many of the latest movie titles and is always updated. With the quality of the film images presented can be up to bluray with full HD resolution (1080p), so the quality is very clean. In addition to image quality, sound problems support surround 5.1.

If you are watching a movie on an Android cellphone through this application, it is guaranteed to feel like watching a movie in a cinema. In addition, all services are served on a fast server, so you don’t have to wait long to watch the movie you downloaded through this application.


The disadvantage of this application is that the server is slow. You need to wait a few minutes before downloading or watching a movie through this one free movie download application. Fortunately, this is covered with a choice of complete movie titles, image quality with clear resolution, and sound that supports surround. The films in this application are well presented.

One interesting thing about this free movie download application is that it’s a simple and very intuitive design, but certainly all the films you want are definitely in this application. Besides that, how to download the movie you want is very easy, you just have to click a few times, you can immediately download the movie you want for free.


Vidmate is actually a video download application, but it can also be used to download free movies. It’s just that the choice of film is not as much as the Screensaver 21 or IndoXXI application. Besides that, the weakness of Vidmate is that there is no subtitle, so you have to add it yourself.

Even so this application is a sophisticated application because it can also be used to download Youtube videos and songs. Through this application you can also download Souncloud and Vimeo content.


Viu is a paradise for Korean Drama or Drakor lovers. It is suitable for those of you who like to stay up late to finish your favorite Korean film. This application provides a wide variety of drama choices that number in the thousands of film titles. You will be spoiled by this Viu application, because this application not only provides the latest Korean films, but also provides old Korean films. You can of course reminisce with this old school Korean film show.

You do not worry about the image quality in this application, because you can enjoy Korean movie shows with SD ( Standard Definition ) to HD ( High Definition ) quality. Of course, the download feature is also available on this application, so you can save it to watch movies offline.

XXI Lite

XXI Lite is a free movie download application on HP for those of you who have a low-spec smartphone with a limited internet package. This application does not need high-specification mobile phones, but it is also friendly to internet quota. Even so, you can enjoy the image quality with HD quality to blu-ray. Even the sound supports surround sound.


This favorite HR Online application is one application that you can consider if you want to watch or download movies for free. With image quality that need not be doubted, Iflix provides many films available on this application. The advantages are in the choice of Indonesian subtitles that can make you enjoy the movies you watch more.Now take a look at how these features of indoxxi.

This application provides a genre channel feature that lists the types of films available, such as films in the categories Drama, Korean, Action, Comedy, Crime, Bollywood, Romance, Horror, Adventure, Fantasy, to Anime. Besides being able to watch movies streaming, Iflix also provides a movie download feature to make it easier for users to watch favorite and offline movies repeatedly.

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