Nyambi Sell Number Togel, Elpiji Trader from Pohjentrek Arrested

Nyambi Sell Number Togel, Elpiji Trader from Pohjentrek Arrested


lPG traders from Suko Hamlet, Sukorejo Village, Pohjentrek Subdistrict, are secured by the Kraton Police Criminal Investigation Unit. He was caught red-handed having made a dark toto gambling (togel).

According to information, the perpetrator named Slamet (26) was in front of a coffee shop in Bulu Kidul Hamlet, Tambakrejo Village, Kraton District. Apparently, he was carrying out his action as a lottery gambling number seller. At that time, the Kraton police station ambushed the perpetrators.

The suspect was caught red-handed by the officer, when the suspect recorded the results of the sale / received the number of the lottery gambling from the stonemasons,” said AKP Masroni, Kraton police chief.

From the hands of the perpetrators, the officers managed to secure 1 Nokia E63 brand mobile phone containing a lottery number number, and a total cash of Rp 140 thousand.Officers are also still conducting inspections, including with lottery gambling networks that are disturbing this community.

The perpetrator was charged with article 303 concerning gambling, with the threat of a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. (may / ono)

Jayapura – As a form of seriousness in eradicating community diseases, Jayapura City Regional Police arrested 14 suspects in gambling and gambling ludo.

Jayapura City Police Chief AKBP Gustav R. Urbinas said at a press conference that there were 7 lottery gambling suspects, JP (26), AK (41), LH (28) R (46), FA (29), HY (23) and F (41). While 7 ludo gambling suspects each have the initials B, M, W, S, LO (48), Y (45) and E (32).

“Of the 14 suspects we secured evidence of a sum of Rp. 14. 138,000 in cash. This is proof of our commitment in Jayapura City Police in eradicating community diseases, “said the Chief of Police on Monday (11/3/2019) afternoon.You can read more togel about for more info.

He also reminded people in Jayapura City not to play games with money bets.

“For their actions, the lottery gamblers were charged with Article 303 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code with a threat of 10 years in prison and Ludo type gambling violated Article 303 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code with the threat of 4 years imprisonment,” he said.

Head of Blitar Iptu Police Public Relations Head, Mohamad Burhanudin, said that the arrest of the gamblers was after reports from local residents. They said, if in Ngaringan Village, there was a widespread online lottery gambling. Then the officer who gets the next report searches and conducts an investigation.

Based on the information, then the Blitar Satreskrim police officers infiltrated. Officers use other people for tombok or join in placing lottery numbers to the perpetrators.

“The officers conducting the investigation were rather difficult, because these perpetrators did it secretly. So the activity is not visible if this actor is a lottery dealer. Because those who were told to take the tuition by entrusting that tip, “Burhan said Thursday (03/14/2019).

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