Ear silicone case for mobile phones

Ear silicone case for mobile phones


Undoubtedly, Epic Games in 2018 Fortnite, a popular multi-media video game, has helped the gamer to earn $ 2.4 billion last year. As a result, the market research firm SuperData analyzed the market. The shooter game has a huge impact on the free game market, because Fortnite’s battle is going in step with a short time, so zuseful resource-makers can earn digital items by completing challenges – regularly buying 34 percent Fortnite Journals, said SuperData.

Nexon’s Dungeon Fighter online came second time when it received 1, 5 billion. Insurrection video games and the Tencent legend league ranked third – $ 1.4 billion Bluehole PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds dominates the high-end gaming and console gaming market with $ 1.03 million. Income, although it was much less than Fortnite and other free games. ”

FIFA 18 ranked second with $ 790 million, while The Grand theft automobile V ranked third with $ 628 million. Not only did the gaming industry have had a good year, and the gambling market also made a profit. The report showed that Twitch was the largest profitable video game broadcasting platform with revenues of $ 1.6 billion. US $ and US $ 33,000, while Twitch has a much smaller audience. Last year, Fortnite and Streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, like Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, have almost 10 million. ”

Ninja has over 20 million Subscribers to YouTube and over 12.5 million In addition, due to the great success of Fortnite, SuperData predicted that in 2019, Video games will be widespread. Installing 5G mobile networks will also help developers offer more remote gaming services. SuperData is Nielsen, a gaming market intelligence company. It based its analysis on transaction-level data; publisher, developer, and payment service provider location data; The report states that there are 185 million monthly spendings worldwide. Digital Journals.

You may think that three-D games are something that came with more powerful smart phone chips. And even if you remember the old 3-D J2ME games, you can still be surprised at how old the first mobile 3-D games are. The Nokia 3410 was a small screen with ninety six x sixty five pixels. Wrong. Munkiki Castles was a 3D platformer / puzzle game that best helped with a small one-sided screen.

Dummy castles have shown that you do not need a large color screen or even colors to play 3D games.

If you followed MWC this year, you will know that extra reality is a big thing. However, this does not require 5G networks, the internet is close. Who remembers the Siemens SX1 Mozzies? This is an AR game that uses a screen and a camera to turn the phone into a mosquito killing gun. You look around to reach the goal of an impressive 120 MHz single-core processor. Note that this was against accelerometers, gyros, and compasses, which were a standard part of the smartphone’s arsenal..if you need more info just visit this site telefonu deklai.

Mozzies was a Siemens SX1 AR shooter with hands-free equipment.
Pokemon pass was another mobile game craze (it is still quite popular), wager is far from being the first place to be in place. One of the first, perhaps the first, is BotFighters. In the absence of a GPS ship, the game used mobile-identification (with the help of the carrier) to shoot competing robots by sending text messages. You also upgraded your bot along the way. Please note that each text costs 20 cents!

Here’s some trivia. There is some confusion about which phone was the first to be given the game. It’s either the Siemens S1 with Tetris (where it was a hidden feature released by the software developer), or IBM Simon with Scramble (Simon is a PDA technically, not a phone).

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